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“Merthin delivered a creative and cost effective solution”

Merthin helped built Kalepa's first MVP and supported the company through their first demos.

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Paul Monasterio, CEO

Improving productivity with autonomous digital workforce

Demy is a pioneer of the field of autonomous digital workforce. With this platform any business owner can increase productivity without increasing IT headcount.



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Excellent for businesses looking to further digitize their customer experience


Membership Portal
Up to 1000 users
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Excellent for businesses that want a mobile experience to further enrich their customer experience


Everything in Demy
Up to 2500 users
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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you connect to any CRM?

Yes we do. We offer complete and streamline connection with mainstream CRMs like Zoho, Pipedrive or Salesforce.

Do I need to pay extra to maintain the apps?

No. The Demy platform ensures that security updates are released automatically and at no cost.

How long does it take to build an app and portal?

It really depends on the status of your existing digital systems. Once the integration between Demy and your back office software is done (usually within one week) everything will be good to go.

Can I build detailed client experiences with Demy?

YES! Demy is designed so our clients don't hold punches in building a great experience.

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