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Why our customers think we’re the best

“Their speed of execution is a great match for our mission”

Initially hired to assist with revenue operations at LongeviQuest. Within a few days of our partnership the Merthin team lead the rescue a critical project for our audience.Their creativity, attention to detail and speed of execution are a great match for our mission of preserving human longevity.

Ben Meyers, CEO
“Merthin resourcefulness played a significant role”

Our experience working with Merthin allowed our Kiva Protocol team to validate the feasibility of important propositions in our product roadmap. Kiva Protocol mission was to create an operating system to power Credit Bureaus in developing economies. Merthin resourcefulness played a significant role in delivering effective integration strategies to support our pilot in Sierra Leone, encompassing financial institutions in both city and rural communities.

Neville Crawley, CEO

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Our products are designed for productivity and user experience.Say goodbye to software that gets in the way of your agency.

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Our platforms are designed to be relevant for many years to come, we support the integrations you need today —and tomorrow.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to write any endpoint?

No. You don't need to setup any piece of infrastructure. Just call the mockup API describing the data you need.

Can I make the results persistent?

Yes. Just add a parameter "seed" with a given value and we will persist those values for next calls.

Do I need to install any IDE

No. Our extension is self-contained. You just need to activated it and that's it.

How do I found it in the Marketplace?

The extension is in private beta now. Reach out to us in the form above with your Onshape account and we will add you to the Beta group.

How did you build this extension?

We have a talented team, great partners (Onshape!) and we use our very own Cloud/Edge Distribution (CED) to ensure an smooth development!

Do you connect to any CRM?

Yes we do. We offer complete and streamline connection with mainstream CRMs like Zoho, Pipedrive or Salesforce.

Do I need to pay extra to maintain the apps?

No. The Demy platform ensures that security updates are released automatically and at no cost.

How long does it take to build an app and portal?

It really depends on the status of your existing digital systems. Once the integration between Demy and your back office software is done (usually within one week) everything will be good to go.

Can I build detailed client experiences with Demy?

YES! Demy is designed so our clients don't hold punches in building a great experience.

Think Big, Build Fast

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